Mangaka Yumeno Sakiko and her (his) assistant crew which comprises Sakura, Mikoshiba, Hori and Wakamatsu.


It’s giveaway time  !! ♥ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ 

So recently I have earned a lot of points on this website, and I’ve decided to do a thank you giveaway ! (more info here) You guys have voted for a Tamagotchi P giveaway so here it is~

You Can Win:

1 pink Tamagotchi P (as shown above) 


- Must be following both my blogs ; Eikkibunny & Princekisshou (I will check)

- Reblog as many times as you would like for multiple entries, but please do not bother your followers ! 

- You may like for reference, but likes do not count as an entry ! 

Ends September 30th (if it reaches at least 3k entries!)

Good luck everyone! (n˘v˘•)¬

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Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. 

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I'm lookin' right at the other half of me

It's like you're my m i r r o r

「Song for…」

Under the starry sky, where it is lit by the light of the moon. A wish that was shakingly written: “I wish you will be happy”

Three years ago, I couldn’t talk to real girls very well, so I decided to do some research. But the reality was that girls were much deeper than I’d thought…

Why would you go so far for the main character? You should 
experience youth too!


Official Gay Art (8/?)

Senpai…? Why..? Why did you come?! You’ve thrown everything I’ve done right out the window by coming! For what purpose have I-…

The Girls of Kyoukai no Kanata (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤