Yobi the Five Tailed Fox (2007)

Aliens crash landed on the mountains of Japan. A 100 year old or so gumiho (fox spirit) lives in the forest and finds them. The movie centers around a gumiho (fox spirit) Yobi as she tries to fit in a school for “children who can’t cope” (lols right) in an attempt to rescue her alien friend. During the process, she befriends the children of the school and a certain boy. Somebody told her that in order to become human, she has to eat a blue spirit, which only happens when someone is inlove with the.

Okay, I was really torn about this movie. This is a Korean animated film and not Japanese, the animation was okay, though there’s still something lacking about it. There’s something missing about the story, though it’s completely magical, and revolves around children, aliens and a magical fox; it lacks certain depth. The aliens were not really necessary, they should have made that into magical forest creatures instead. It didn’t give me the same feeling, that “wow factor” I had while watching Spirited Away for the first time. I had high expectations for this movie, though children may find it amusing; I don’t think adults will have the same reaction.